Game-ify that Dateline marathon with this handy clip-‘n’-save Bingo card

If you watch enough true-crime programming — and by “enough,” I mean “about 43 minutes, not necessarily consecutive” — you’ll start to see a couple dozen stock-footage tricks and snippets of B-roll over and over. And over. That ’80s-wedding-video green-screen warehouse CBS keeps sticking Maureen Maher in front of alone…it probably has its own drinking game by now.

Curious to see whether these programs really show prison-issue barbed wire every four minutes or whether it just feels like they do, I started keeping a list of the filler shots, contrived set-ups, and geddit? sound effects that showed up repeatedly. Would I have enough for a Bingo card?

Yep. The card itself is somewhat budge-looking, but…you know. I’m just a critic over here; if I’d waited until it was perfect, I’d never have finished it. So, try it out, see if it’s too easy or impossible or what, and leave a comment! (Especially if I failed to include an obvious one.)

(Click to enlarge/see full card.)



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