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‘But The Book, It Will Never Close’: New Jersey’s Lindbergh Kidnapping And Trial

Archivist Mark W. Falzini’s photos and trivia bring new life to the case that won’t die

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Why Has The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Gone Cold?

The 1976 TV movie is actually pretty good. Why hasn’t it gotten a day pass? From Previously.TV

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The Unknown Unknowns: Just how ambiguous is David Fincher’s Zodiac

A conversation from Press Play about what Zodiac wants us to believe

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The Imposter: The past isn’t past

Though [Bourdin] emphasized his cunning, he acknowledged what any con man knows but rarely admits: it is not that hard to fool people. People have basic expectations of others’ behavior and are rarely on guard for someone to subvert them. By playing on some primal need — vanity, greed, loneliness — men like Bourdin make their mark further suspend disbelief. […]

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Blood and Money: Hill and gone

It’s a classic story: boy meets girl; boy spends an ass-ton of money on a cheesy “music room,” then starts cheating on girl with vixen he met at his kid’s summer camp while girl is off doing horse-show things underwritten by her overinvested oilman daddy; boy may inject girl with poo he grew in a petri dish, then fail to […]

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