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Six More True-Crime Podcasts To Consider In A Post-Serial World

Stephanie Green has your indispensible (and inessential) true-crime listens

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Most Wanted: September 19, 2016

Podcasts: new listens, veteran favorites, and one successful jump to TV

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Most Wanted: August 2, 2016

Jazz murders and writers’ sons.

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‘It Seems To Be The Case That Everyone Wants’

An interview with Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories creator Max Cutler on axemen, The Black Dahlia, and what’s next for his Parcast network

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Beyond Serial: Other True-Crime Podcasts

Stephanie Early Green sifts through the best (and the rest) of the genre’s audio explosion

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How The Missing Maura Murray Podcast Lost Stephanie Green

A list of Green’s frustrations with a true-crime podcast that may not even have a crime at its center

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Should Fans Of The Missing Maura Murray Podcast Bother With TV-Newsmag Eps About The Case?

Taking a look at 20/20 and Disappeared‘s case coverage, on Previously.TV

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Serial: No end in sight

The blockbuster true-crime podcast ends by…not ending

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