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Picking Out Of A Line-Up: Well-Worn Paperbacks

Five true-crime plane reads to snag from the used bookstore…or leave for another victim

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Getting To Know Meredith

Meredith Kercher’s father John on the life and death of his daughter in the shadow of Amanda Knox

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Most Wanted: August 2, 2016

Jazz murders and writers’ sons.

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Most Wanted: 25 July 2016

Eddie Waitkus, Amy Bishop, and life on the registry

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Most Wanted: 18 July 2016

The best in crime stories from around the internet

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Is Toobin’s The Run Of His Life Worth Chasing Down?

A review of the American Crime Story source book at Previously.TV

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‘But The Book, It Will Never Close’: New Jersey’s Lindbergh Kidnapping And Trial

Archivist Mark W. Falzini’s photos and trivia bring new life to the case that won’t die

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Returning To The Scene Of The Crime (Debut)

Kevin Smokler on seven first-time true-crime hits, and what’s next from their authors

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Golden (Ann) Rule: Essentials from the godmother of true crime

A handful of recs from the master’s massive catalog

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Killings, by Calvin Trillin

That man in a small town who’s “from away”

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