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To bring you the crime material you love faster, we’ve created a system: find a theme (drug-crime documentaries, Ed Gein, eg.), pick at least five relevant pieces, watch the first 10 minutes/read the first 10 pages of each, and recommend whether you should continue or ditch it. Sort of a true-crime Tinder, if you will — what you should watch, but also what you really shouldn’t.

What should you swipe right on in Crime’s extensive collection of drug docs? Let’s have a look.


Ben: Diary Of An Addict

A poignant story of the last two years of a heroin addict, told through his own videotapes. Watching the two very different sides of his life, loving son and brother; and the the sad, isolated addict who desperately wants to get better but can’t.


Buying Guns And Drugs On The Deep Web

A sexy British man who speaks German goes deep into the uses of the Dark Web. But the title lies; there’s about one sentence concerning drugs, and no sort of conclusion at all, just a vague “well, the Deep Web could be good and it could be bad, so yeah.”



Flipping Out

After their two-year mandatory military service, Israelis often head to India for a much-needed vacation. For many different reasons, there is an abundance of drug use. Two years in a war zone can lead to some bad trips…



What’s In My Baggie?

Four friends banded together for the good of our nation, traveling to music festivals to show people the real drugs they were really taking. Using a drug-testing kit, they prove that most drugs people are being sold are laced with chemicals or consist of something else entirely. Although mostly the same shots of test tubes over and over, the film does prove a very strong point about the drug industry.



World’s Scariest Drug

Scopolamine or “the Devil’s breath” is basically a mind-control drug found in, you guessed it, Colombia. Used to rob, rape, and so much more. Vice goes in for a closer look.


Olivia Lenius is based in Bangalore, India and has a knack for consuming crime stories and travelling.

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