Podcasts: new listens, veteran favorites, and one successful jump to TV

The dozen hours (no, really) of programming on the JonBenét Ramsey case over the last week or so has really felt like a barrage of cynical me-too-ing at times, but having sat through all of it, I’m pleased to report that the CBS event series The Case Of is a solid project, despite having got cut down by a third. The rest of my case coverage on Previously.TV is here; TCO investigation team chiefs Laura Richards and Jim Clemente addressed the show somewhat on the latest episode of Real Crime Profile but I’m hoping the next episode and viewer questions get more specific about the case, versus the production journey.

Speaking of pods, remember when Parcast’s Max Cutler said everyone kept asking for them to take on the Black Dahlia case? Well, he and the team gave in and the Dahlia episodes have started on Unsolved Murders. I haven’t listened yet; anyone got a review?

I have started listening to In The Dark, and it’s a testament to the writing and construction that, even though we know as of quite recently how this case turned out and what became of Jacob Wetterling, it’s still a tense and compelling listen — sort of what I hoped Someone Knows Something would be.

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