“Investigators without a scene are just people with theories”

Boston Globe‘s special crime section, “The Issue Of Crime In 16 Cases,” covers everything from an unsolved nightclub shooting murder to half a woman found in a Dumpster to a break-in that still haunts the author. (Note: each sub-article, while short, counts to your daily limit of free content, so choose wisely.) (link from John Ramos)

JSTOR Daily on the history of the genre and why it fascinates us. (link from Prof. Huff)

MTV joins the fray with its new Catfish-meets-Paradise Lost joint, Unlocking The Truth.

Chris Heath for GQ on the strange tale of the Uber killer.

JonBenet-case coverage is about to ramp up over the next few weeks; Perfect Murder, Perfect Town is not great, but will get you caught up on the case (especially if you read Portuguese!) (…don’t ask).

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