Eddie Waitkus, Amy Bishop, and life on the registry

A Deadspin excerpt of a Kindle Single about the shooting of Eddie Waitkus by Ruth Ann Sternhagen. This, of course, is partly the basis for The Natural; Gutman’s take on the case in Baseball Babylon is a bit more smoothly written than this one, IMO. Anyone know a good longform piece or book about Sternhagen?

The New Yorker‘s Patrick Radden Keefe on Amy Bishop, and one unusual mass shooting that actually perhaps could have been prevented.

Texas Monthly on the dark side of the sex offenders’ registry (besides, you know, the obvious). POV explored that topic recently with Pervert Park.

And enjoy a Forensic Files about the disappearance of Noreen Boyle. Narrator Peter Thomas died earlier this year and I’ve always admired his work.

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