Karen Belz is a writer from Pennsylvania, born and raised in New Jersey. You can find her work on Previously.tv, HelloGiggles, and Bustle.

Sarah D. Bunting is publisher and editor-in-chief of The Blotter.

True-crime devotee and compulsive knitter Stephanie Green left a career in the law to become a writer. She blogs at StephanieEarlyGreen.com. Her fiction has been published in Narrative Magazine, and she has written about weddings, health, travel, lifestyle, and television for outlets including The Washingtonian, Time Out, and Previously.TV. She is based in Washington, DC.

Olivia Lenius is based in Bangalore, India and has a knack for consuming crime stories and travelling.

Heather Piedmont, known for her no-nonsense responses to political issues, is now turning her attention to the courts. A former White House intern, currently Piedmont is an adjunct professor for Liberty University and head columnist at BachmanontheBench.com, as well as legal commentator for NewsBlaze.com.

Kevin Smokler is a writer based in San Francisco. His book on ’80s teen movies, Brat Pack America, will be published summer 2016.

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