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A Tale of Two Bettys

Two different crime-show takes on the Betty Broderick case

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Five Actors Whose Ted Bundy IMDb Credits Might Surprise You

In chronological order.

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The Unknown Unknowns: Just how ambiguous is David Fincher’s Zodiac

A conversation from Press Play about what Zodiac wants us to believe

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Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard’s Prime Suspect

Robert House’s excellent case for one man’s guilt resets the bar for Ripperology writing

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West of Memphis: The devil you know

Life after death (row) for the West Memphis Three

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The Man in the Rockefeller Suit and the Big Lie

Mark Seal’s assured account only stumbles once

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Murder in Greenwich: Marks and curses

Mark Fuhrman’s book becomes a strange, only-half-bad TV movie.

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48 Hours Mystery: “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

In which Robert Alan Fratta hits the sociopathic/deviant/imbecile trifecta.

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Small Sacrifices: Inappropriation

The crime Diane Downs, a postal worker, claimed a burly stranger had carjacked her and her three children, shooting one fatally and leaving the other two permanently impaired. At least she didn’t blame an African-American male…but of course it’s actually Downs who tried to kill her kids. Forensic evidence alone likely would have sealed her fate, but other factors made […]

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Blood and Honor: Listening to the Crow

  “Bruno was the consummate racketeer. Scarfo, on the other hand, was a gangster.” The crime It’s about the self-destruction of the Philly mob, so: pick your felony. But implied also is a metaphorical crime, an affront to the old-time Mafia code that kept the bullets in the drawer, and mouths and wallets closed. Angelo Bruno, head of Philadelphia’s Mob […]

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