Mortal Error: The most exciting slide rule in true crime

Like a Magic Eye puzzle, once you see Howard Donahue’s explanation of JFK’s death, you can’t unsee it

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Deadly Sins Tries “Sex Kitten” Arias on For Size

The ID series tries an evenhanded approach, with mixed success

Screen: Investigation Discovery Screen: Investigation Discovery

Lust For Fame: The Stage Career of John Wilkes Booth

Assassin; “great tragedian”; excitable pain in the ass

Stage-actor-and-Confederate-sympathize-John-Wilkes-Booth-in-a-portrait-taken-some-time-before-he-assassinated-President-Abraham-Lincoln-in-1865.-Booth-and-a-group-of-co-conspirators-planned-to-kill-Lincoln-Vice-President-Andrew-960x611 Stage-actor-and-Confederate-sympathize-John-Wilkes-Booth-in-a-portrait-taken-some-time-before-he-assassinated-President-Abraham-Lincoln-in-1865.-Booth-and-a-group-of-co-conspirators-planned-to-kill-Lincoln-Vice-President-Andrew-960x611

Blood On The Moon: The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

This deep cut is workmanlike, but not definitive

jwb_lede_jc_large jwb_lede_jc_large

Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery

Robert Kolker can’t end this story, but he reports the hell out of it

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Killings, by Calvin Trillin
Photo: KILLINGS's FB page

That man in a small town who’s “from away”

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You Never Have To Remember The Truth: The Nick Gugliatto Story

Too bad it’s buried in a landfill of amateurish prose

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Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret
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As Arias awaits sentence, Lifetime takes a run at her story

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The Official Blotter True-Crime-Show Bingo Card

Game-ify that Dateline marathon with this handy clip-‘n’-save Bingo card

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Chalet Arrest

A film about Roman Polanski’s exile becomes part of the story

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