Nashville Star Goes Back To The Old Country

Is Hayden Panettiere’s Amanda Knox Lifetime movie worth watching?

Franco Biciocchi / Lifetime Franco Biciocchi / Lifetime

How The Missing Maura Murray Podcast Lost Stephanie Green

A list of Green’s frustrations with a true-crime podcast that may not even have a crime at its center

Screens: Screens:

Should Fans Of The Missing Maura Murray Podcast Bother With TV-Newsmag Eps About The Case?

Taking a look at 20/20 and Disappeared‘s case coverage, on Previously.TV

ID Channel; ABC ID Channel; ABC

Why Has The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Gone Cold?

The 1976 TV movie is actually pretty good. Why hasn’t it gotten a day pass? From Previously.TV


Reopening The OJ Case

20/20 and the A&E network suite look back at the verdict on its 20th anniversary; what to watch, from Previously.TV

Screen: ABC Screen: ABC
Should You Flee The Deliberate Stranger?
Screen: NBC

A second look at the ’80s Bundy-series at Previously.TV.

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Killer Legends: Stronger than fiction
Poster: Chiller

Josh Zeman follows Cropsey with another captivating study of crime “legend”

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Returning To The Scene Of The Crime (Debut)

Kevin Smokler on seven first-time true-crime hits, and what’s next from their authors

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Golden (Ann) Rule: Essentials from the godmother of true crime

A handful of recs from the master’s massive catalog

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Criminal Career Moves
Photos: Warner Bros., American Zoetrope

Kevin Smokler examines five variations on a theme of playing the (real-life) villain

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