Most Wanted: August 29, 2016

“Investigators without a scene are just people with theories”

Most Wanted: August 22, 2016

The Grim Sleeper, a Munchausen’s-by-proxy victim stands up, and more


Picking Out Of A Lineup: Drug Documentaries

ID the right true-crime content for you with our time-saving new system! Olivia Lenius has more…

deepweb deepweb

Most Wanted: August 8, 2016

French rugby, fake runners, and more.


Most Wanted: August 2, 2016

Jazz murders and writers’ sons.
Crime Stories: Photography and Foul Play
MMA / Weegee

Check out the Metropolitan Museum’s affecting installation of crime photos before it’s too late

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Most Wanted: 25 July 2016

Eddie Waitkus, Amy Bishop, and life on the registry

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‘It Seems To Be The Case That Everyone Wants’

An interview with Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories creator Max Cutler on axemen, The Black Dahlia, and what’s next for his Parcast network

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Most Wanted: 18 July 2016

The best in crime stories from around the internet

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Beyond Serial: Other True-Crime Podcasts
AJC; Crime Writers On; My Favorite Murder

Stephanie Early Green sifts through the best (and the rest) of the genre’s audio explosion

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